Cruiser Love Seat - Marigold

Cruiser Love Seat - Marigold



Powder-coated Aluminum Frame, Seat and Back.


55-3/4"W  x  27"D  x  31-1/4"H Seat Height:16-1/2"

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The Cruiser Collection was influenced by the edginess and ingenuity of Southern California's Hot Rod Culture during the 1950's and 60's - Specifically, the Porche 356 Roadster.  But the relaxed, elegant vibe of the Hollywood Hills was always in the back of our minds. 

When it came to designing the standing love seat, being close counted. We mixed composites, hand bent the aluminum just right, and had countless conversations about creating the perfect size. Our ambition was to bring people together. On a porch, a stoop, or a balcony. It goes wherever you find yourself most comfortable in nature, alongside somebody who makes you feel just as comfortable in life.