Interview: A Conversation with Mei Ling Lee of Spiritual Kindling

What is the story behind Spiritual Kindling and how did you come up with the idea?
In a time where we are disconnected from one another and also ourselves, the simplicity of starting a fire with friends or even alone to contemplate life, release negative energy, set intentions or share stories in ceremony is a grounding reminder of our history and connection to one another.

My girlfriends and I would gather in our backyards in Venice and celebrate life over a fire...the challenge was always getting the fire started...the fumes from artificial fire starters made me feel while walking along the trails with PF on the ranch in Malibu, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the fallen branches from the pine, oak and eucalyptus trees were, and the captivating scent of the sage all around I decided to bundle them all together and bring them to Venice for our next girls night fire ceremony....knowing that the Sage would help bless our intentions...and Spiritual Kindling was born!

How do you decide what plants/herbs/woods go into your bundles?
Each herb that goes into Spiritual Kindling has its own healing properties, 99%  of the herbs that we use grow wild on our land, some are resourced from other parts of California. I decide what goes in the kindling based on the season and what's available naturally or if there is a special occasion and someone requests a little special attention for something they want to manifest.

What is the purpose of The Spiritual Ceremony?
The element of fire provides a fast and visible means of releasing and healing strong feelings and experiences. Fire provides a direct energetic intervention that allows us to turn over our prayers and dreams of manifestation to the Spirit for fulfillment and release. Fire can move the soul and has a great spiritual power, our ancestors knew this and  harnessed it for their most sacred ceremonies. 

This power is still available to us. 

What do you love most about the outdoors/spending time in nature?
It's stress free! I feel at one with nature and blessed to see and appreciate things that many people don't get to. We see deer, hawks and all sorts of animals and that is just the most beautiful thing to be surround by nature and this gorgeous planet we live on. Makes us more conscious of what we are here on this planet to do.

What can guests expect to experience and learn about in your upcoming workshop?
Guests will learn about the medicinal herbs we use for the kindling and their uses for healing and fire ceremonies.

We will have a demonstration on how to build a Spiritual Kindling bundle and  briefing on how to set intentions and manifest your desires, and guests will leave with their very own Spiritual Kindling bundle!

Want to attend our upcoming workshop on May 28? Cost is $55 per person - space is limited! RSVP to