#IDVWORKSHOPS: RSVP for Planting Seeds Workshop April 26th

Join us Sunday, April 26th from 2-4 pm as we host our second Planting SeedsWorkshop with Matthew Van Diepen & Sarah Klein of Home Grown Gardens LA. Learn about the importance of growing food locally - how it impacts your health, the community, environment, and overall quality of life. Get your hands dirty, and take home a freshly potted seedling for your windowsill or garden!

Topics covered in The Workshop include:

  • Why you need different soils for growing
  • Growing plants in a pot vs. in the ground 
  • Importance of soil and consistency 
  • How to build and feed your soil 
  • Types of composting ( passive, active, vermicomposting) 
  • Seeds for different seasons 
  • Germination periods 
  • Why it’s important to keep the soil wet to germinate
  • How to check moisture - seeds vs plants.
  • Root systems

Workshop is FREE with a fee of $15 to cover materials. Please RSVP to kerri@ilandeivenice.com. Space is limited!