#IDVWORKSHOPS: RSVP for An Enchanted Evening with Spiritual Kindling

Join us the evening of May 28th for a very special workshop with Mei-Ling Lee of Spiritual Kindling! During this workshop, you will learn the basics behind the philosophy of Spiritual Kindling, the only all natural fire starter based locally in Malibu.

Spiritual Kindling uses nature’s own resources forged from fallen branches of pine oak and eucalyptus trees, we are the only company that combines healing herbs with raw natural wood product. Each artisanal Spiritual Kindling bundle is curated then hand-tied with Sage, Lavender, Pine and Eucalyptus. The aromatic smoke from these herbs have healing properties that, when burned along with an intention card that you will personalize with your purpose, facilitate and support you in manifesting your dreams and aspirations when added to your fire.  Combining medicinal herbs with natural wood product is a way to share a healing - even if it’s simply for the aroma!

Topics covered in The Workshop include:

  • Medicinal herbs and their uses for healing and fire ceremonies
  • Demonstration on how to build a Spiritual Kindling bundle
  • A briefing on how to set intentions and manifest your desires
  • Group Meditation
  • Small fire ceremony in the courtyard of Ilan Dei for the full Spiritual Kindling experience
  • Leave with your own curated Spiritual Kindling bundle!

Cost is $55 per person - space is limited! RSVP to kerri@ilandeivenice.com 



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