#IDVWORKSHOPS: Planting Seeds with Home Grown Gardens LA

We recently hosted the first of a new workshop series, focused around gardening, with our friends from Home Grown Gardens LA. Guests learned the basics of gardening - everything from soil 101, best ways to compost at home, to keeping your plants healthy and happy throughout it's lifespan. We even learned about how different types of plants can help keep pests away from your garden. For example, did you know that parsley helps with keeping birds away? Or that healthy plants will naturally keep away pests, without any pesticides or other tactics? A diseased plant is a sign of a plant with nutrient deficiency! 

Anyways, here are some handy tips we took away from our afternoon in the garden:

  • Soil is the most important part of growing and in any garden. Spend generously on your soil because it comes back to you in the food you eat. The more organic matter that is in your soil, the better! Since soil has a limited amount of nutrients, so it's good to rotate plants through so you don't deplete all the nutrients.
  • If you are growing plants in a pot, make sure you get soil that contains perlite - the white stuff in soil which is volcanic rock. It allows for continued drainage and air circulation
  • Mycorrhizal fungi helps develop root systems in soil which helps put carbon back into the soil, so root systems can communicate, spreading nutrients throughout.
  • Worm castings (aka worm poop) is the richest natural fertilizer we know of, great for plants.  
  • The best soil you can have can be made right at home through composting. 1 lb of worms (red wigglers) can eat 2 lbs of food in one day.

Join us for our next gardening workshop on Sunday April 26th from 2-4pm! Details available soon on our Events page.