Pappelina: The Craft of Rug Weavery

Swedish designer Lina Rickardsson started out weaving linen rugs in her own basement and founded the company Pappelina in 1998. When she found a stock of plastic ribbons from the 60’s at a small weavery in Dalecarlia, Sweden, a whole new world opened up.

Along with the craftsmen of the weavery, Lina began experimenting with the ribbons, developing new colours, techniques, patterns – elevating the classic plastic rug of Sweden to a whole new level. Twice as thick and with bold-coloured patterns, the Pappelina rug began to take the world by storm. Pappelina is growing, yet at their core remains small-scale local Dalarna craftsmanship. It is only our market that has grown to be global. However, the plastic rug is still the heart of Pappelina’s business.